Collective monitoring and intelligence, a trend on the internet.

Example of a Collaborative monitoring and intelligence project that works in network: Alerta project.

Increasingly, the concept of collaborative intelligence is progressing and displays more practical technology monitoring and competitive intelligence models.

Here and example of a collaborative network project is exposed.
ALERT project: competitive and technology monitoring network to promote regional development.

ALERT project is a pioneering initiative of cross-border cooperation that aims to develop a collaborative system of competitive monitoring in the regional development agencies of Spain, Portugal and France. The goal is to improve networking coordination and services to their enterprises. This project also pursues the information, experiences, results, good practices and experimental platforms exchange for the joint development of services, methodologies, tools and products. The fact that promotes mutual learning and new approaches and management models. The project results are an initial approach to technology monitoring to enterprises providing them with free tools, due to production and distribution with creative commons licenses.

The Coordinator:
Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (Instituto Gallego de Promoción Económica), IGAPE, - Project coordinator entity. Its goal is to support all activities that contribute to improving the Galician production system, facilitating the process of creation, consolidation and business growth.