Start the English edition of #MoocVT: Technology intelligence-driven innovation in order to learn how apply a systematic technology monitoring strategy to boost innovation on business.

The main objective of this MoocVT: «Technology intelligence-driven innovation» is to support entrepreneurs, companies and researchers in embrace technological intelligence practices in their innovation processes.

This MOOC provides three content modules that will allow you to learn how to apply a systematic and methodological strategy for: identify information needs within a project, where to search, which techniques and tools to use and how to be effective in transforming information into useful knowledge for decision making:

  • Technology watch and intelligence systems.
  • Technology information management.
  • Technology monitoring products and analyses.

In addition, this MOOC course is always open and has a digital accreditation system that allows the user to obtain his/her certification, based on badges, having the achieved skills always online.

#MoocVT is an online educational initiative promoted by the Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) of the University of Alicante, Spain. It is possible due to the collaboration of a wide network of Latin American experts and professionals in technology monitoring and competitive intelligence.

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