Wipo PROOF, trusted digital evidence of your creations

Online service from WIPO that produces online proof evidence of your creation, as a tolken.

WIPO PROOF is a digital tool for safeguard intellectual assets. It is an online service from WIPO that produces digital and online proof of evidence, as a token, which can be used to prove that a digital file existed at a specific point in time.

Innovators and creators, artists, designers, scientists, composers, researchers and business executives produce important data sets with valuable information that should be protected and treated as an intellectual asset. Files such as creative works, data sets for training AI algorithms, research results, and business data can be safeguard as digital files, in any format,  such as numeric, image, executable, text, or audio-visual. Furthermore, it can be saved at every stage of development from concept to commercialization and gives the insurance that your work is securely documented, whether or not it eventually becomes a formal IP right.

WIPO Proof tool can help prevent misuse and misappropriation and can be used in resolving legal disputes. Watch video from WIPO:

WIPO PROOF complements WIPO’s existing intellectual property (IP) services with this new tool to strategically manage all your files, data, and other intellectual assets.

Classification #MoocVT:

  • Tool type: Open tool.
  • Cost: Free option and others.
  • Level of complexity: medium.

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