The Standard UNE 166006 R&D Management: monitoring and intelligence sytems.

A brief overview of the creation and development of the Standard that supports the monitoing and intelligence porcess for any organisation,

Since 2002, AENOR (Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association) has developed a series of standards related to R&D management. In 2006 it was developed the first specialised version related to the technology monitoring and intelligence that has changed till nowadays Standard UNE 188006:2018 R&D management: monitoring and intelligence system.

This standard its only precedent by the French standard NF XP X50- 053:1998 and it provides an agreed and approved methodology by many actors (experts, professionals, companies, administrative bodies, universities, technology institutes and centres and so on). Some minimum requirements are needed to be considered in the implementation process of a monitoring and intelligence system.

The essential aim of the Standard is “to make easier the formalisation and structuring in any organisation of the environment observation and search process so as to support decision-making at all levels ", thus to be able to implement a technology monitoring and intelligence permanent system. In this way, two fundamental key definitions are:

● Technology Monitoring: “organised, exigent and permanent process of gathering technological information from outside and inside of the organization to select, analyse, disseminate in order to make decisions with lower risks and to be able to anticipate changes.

● Technology Monitoring System: part of the general innovative culture of the organisation management means, sources and system.

The standard can be applied to all organisations regardless of size and activity that establishes a R&D management system and/or undertake R&D projects. Generally, the standard gathers the target audience in three groups: enterprises, institutions that support R&D and Technology monitoring software providers.

In 2018 a review of the standard was published: "UNE 1660066:2018: R&D management: monitoring and Intelligence Systems". It is a standard designed to help the implementation of monitoring and intelligence systems in all types of organizations, as part of the R&D management. It standards common terminology and processes to guide the action. Represents a strategic tool to improve the decision making of organizations in the current technological context. It helps to implement systematic processes of capture, analysis, dissemination and strategic use of information for the change anticipation, risks and uncertainties reductions or detection of innovation opportunities, among other advantages.

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