Criteria: Technology Monitoring and Intelligence Systems

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The holder of this badge demonstrates to have successfully completed Module 1: «Technology monitoring intelligence systems» of #MoocVT 3: Technology intelligence-driven innovation.

The learning skills associated with this module are designed by the following criteria:

  • To identify the main changes in the competitive environment.
  • To know the relation between technology monitoring and R&D strategic management.
  • To know the impact on the business plan of the organisation.
  • What area technology monitoring and intelligence systems.
  • How it contributes to strategic decisions making in the organization.
  • To know the role played by the Standard UNE within the R&D management.
  • To identify the main characteristics of the Standard.
  • To understand the scope and implications as a guide to implement a technology monitoring system.
  • To identify the dimensions and key elements of a technology monitoring system.
  • To know the main steps within the technology monitoring cycle
  • To know the methodology involved.
  • To be able to draw a technology monitoring system for your organisation.
  • To learn how to set up a technology monitoring system.
  • To understand the meaning of the Key Intelligence Topics (KIT).
  • To know the different roles involved in the system.
  • To understand the business strategy based on the technology monitoring system.
  • To be able to find out benefits for your organisation.
  • To understand the main characteristics and purposes of working in network.
  • To identify good practices developed in collaborative monitoring systems.
  • To recognize the benefits and opportunities of a global collaborative scenario.

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