Google Data Search, open data specialised search engine

Data revolution is driving new tools development such as Google Dataset Search, a search engine specialized in open datasets.

In recent years, the evolution of Internet is driving the digital transformation of organizations, industries and business models. The so-called data revolution is driving the arrival of new specialized tools in extracting the maximum value of  open access or open data.

Google Data Search is presented as a specialized search engine in open data, allowing retrieving data sets accessible through Internet. Those are coming from reference sources such as public and private organizations, universities and any organization that has open repositories or shares data from studies, research and open analysis.

The performance of Google Data Search is similar to other Google search engines, allowing simple and advanced searches in thousands of data repositories in a simultaneous manner. To deepen its use, its community of users is recommended through frequent asked questions.

#MoocVT Classification:

  • Tool type: Open.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Level of complexity: initiation.

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