IPscore, evaluation patent tool

To analyse the economic value of patents, technologies and R&D projects to portfolios management in organizations is the main advantage of this free, multilingual and downloadable tool through EPO.

Intellectual property titles, besides being legal documents that protect technical solutions to technical problems, provide strategic information for businesses. Its contents affect strategy, market, investing and sales decisions.

IPscore is a tool for the analysis and evaluation of patents, technologies and R & D projects. It is offered free of charge by the European Patent Office (EPO) for patent portfolio management.

IPscore facilitates an evaluation of the conditions that may influence in how the organization can make the most of each patent. Based on 40 analysis parameters, the tool provides quantitative and qualitative information in terms of financial forecast to evaluate the technology. In addition, it provides graphics and reports that supports the evaluation results communication.

From technology monitoring and intelligence point of view, this tool is useful for detecting risks and opportunities in investment decisions, licensing negotiation processes, development of R&D projects and raising financing, among other benefits.

Classification #MoocVT:

  • Tool type: Open.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Level of complexity: intermediate.

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