Latin Macro Watch, a macroeconomic and financial database

National and international trade evolution in Latin American countries can be monitored by this tool, a macroeconomic specialized database with financial indicators.

The commercial statistics studies are one of the monitoring and intelligence products that allow to know the evolution of national and international trade and its impact on the commercial activity of an organization.

Latin Macro Watch (LMW) is a specialized macroeconomic and financial indicators database of Latin American countries, promoted openly by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Latin Macro Watch, among other data, provides indicators on economic activity, fiscal and external accounts, financial markets and public debt. In addition, the tool includes historical data since 1990 that covers all 26 borrowing member countries of the IDB.

Classification #MoocVT:

  • Tool type: Open.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Level of complexity: initiation.

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