The updated Horizon Results Platform, making results matter.

European research and innovation projects represent a source of technology monitoring and strategic intelligence information for knowledge-intensive organizations. Specifically, European projects financed through Horizon 2020 Program are committed to open access as a mandatory policy for the dissemination of research results.

The Horizon Results Platform is the new information retrieval tool launched by the European Commission to support open access policy in the dissemination of R&D results generated through projects financed by H2020.

This new tool expands the information retrieval functionalities for projects, results and participants; giving users the access, recovery and analysis of the latest developments, which are key for monitoring and intelligence.

From this point of view, this tool is essential to identify trends, detect scientific and technological leaders and analyse innovative project results in a specific technological field.

#MoocVT classification:

Type of tool: Open.
Cost: Free.
Level of complexity: initiation.

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