Tools for Innovation Monitoring (TIM): emergent trends and technology analysis and visualisation.

Comprender la trayectoria del desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación en el mercado es el objetivo de esta herramienta de análisis y visualización de tecnologías emergentes, orientada a fortalecer la toma de decisiones tecnológicas de las organizaciones.

In the current context, emerging technologies are running at an unstoppable pace towards specific market applications. Patents, scientific publications or R&D projects help to monitor technological development and innovation.

Tools for Innovation Monitoring (TIM) is an analysis and visualisation tool to provide specific and relevant knowledge on innovation and technological development. The objective is to offer the possibility to policy-makers to answer concrete policy needs related to innovation networks, impact evaluation of EU programmes, emerging trends and technologies, funding orientations, regional strategies, and other needs related to research and innovation policy.

Tools for Innovation Monitoring, among other data, allows to explore emerging technologies and trends in science and technology or to compare the evaluation of technologies, innovation actors, countries or regions in specific scientific and technological areas. In addition, it is possible to monitor how research networks evolve or to detect investment opportunities in scientific areas.

Classification #MoocVT:

  • Tool type: Open.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Level of complexity: initiation.

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